EAP Services

EAP Services

Assure Programs offer a broad range of services through EAP. Many of these services are available over the phone, via Skype and/or face-to-face.

EAP Services for Employees

Confidential Solutions Focussed Counselling (EAP Counselling)

EAP Counselling provides individuals with solution focussed, evidence based strategies and support.

24/7 Emergency Support

This service is operational 24/7, 365 days per year and is available to employees, their family members (where applicable) and leaders. This specialist service provides short-term support options for callers presenting with urgent and crisis issues

Financial Coaching (Introductory and Comprehensive)

A phone based service offering clients the opportunity to engage with a Financial Coach. By providing the coach an overview of a client’s situation prior to the appointment, the coach is able to work closely with the client to ensure their situation or concerns are addressed while providing tailored suggestions and solutions.

Legal Advice (Introductory)

This introductory one session service provides brief legal advice to assist in understanding the client’s presenting issue, parties and possible avenues available to manage a concern.

Nutrition/ Diet coaching (Introductory and Comprehensive)

Clients can engage over the phone with a fully qualified dietician for one session (introductory) and up to four sessions (comprehensive) to obtain guidance for a range of dietary and nutrition concerns.

Wellbeing Coaching (1800 MYBEST)

The focus of this service is to increase an individual’s wellbeing and life satisfaction by focussing on the five building blocks of wellbeing: Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning and Accomplishment.

I-Care (Indigenous Cultural Assist and Response for Employees)

Dedicated freecall ICARE number delivering emotional and practical support to indigenous employees and their leaders.


This e-service is available for employees and leaders seeking brief support, direction and recommendations regarding their personal or work experiences.
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International EAP

Recognising that employees are no longer based in the same office day in and out, this service is designed to ensure employees have EAP support via phone or Skype no matter where in the world they are.

EAP Services for Managers and Leaders

Assure offers a range of specialist EAP services for leaders and managers. Read more

EAP Services for Organisations

Critical Incident Management Service (CIMS)

This service is recommended for planned and unplanned critical incidents and significant events. It is designed to offer early intervention and support to employees, executives and leaders.

Onsite service delivery may also be available depending on the circumstances. Assure also provides follow-up services under our stepped care model for impacted staff for up to one month post incident.

On-site EAP

A service provided as a one off or ongoing arrangement where the EAP comes to you. This service is designed to overcome any hurdle preventing an individual from accessing traditional EAP.

Walk the Floor

Similar to the on-site EAP service, this model is designed to introduce staff to the EAP and Assure Psychologists. It is provided at a pre-agreed time and location.

EAP Awareness Sessions

A series of EAP awareness raising sessions for either staff and/or managers designed to increase employee engagement and access to the EAP.

How to access the EAP

Contact Assure Programs on 1800 808 374