Organisational Development Services

Organisational Development Services

We offer a range of organisational development services across broad spectrum of topics, including:
  • +  Becoming a Corporate Athlete
  • +  Mental Toughness for High Performance
  • +  Enhancing Relationships at Work
  • +  Managing Mental Health Issues in your Team
  • +  Managing Difficult Behaviour and Conversations
  • +  Managing Misunderstandings and Conflict
  • +  Understanding and implementing LGBTI inclusion
  • +  Managing Change Effectively
  • +  Creating a Positive Workplace
  • +  The Modern Family
  • +  Managing Parenting and Work
  • +  Parenting – The Good, the Bad, & the…
  • +  Maintaining Healthy Relationships
  • +  Unhealthy Relationships and Domestic Violence
  • +  Mental Health in the Workplace
  • +  Building Resilience
  • +  Stress Busters
  • +  Mindful Living
  • +  Drug and Alcohol Awareness
  • +  Better Sleep with Switching Off Skills

We offer these topics through one hour In Focus sessions, half-day workshops and a full day masterclass.

The Backbone of Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace

Uniquely, Assure provides a holistic organisational approach to mental health.  Our Backbone of Mental Health focuses on the eight key areas of psychological health and wellbeing in the workplace:

  • Life Balance and Workload Management
  • Psychological and Physical Safety
  • Organisational Culture and Leadership
  • Team Performance and Competency
  • Recognition, Reward and Development
  • Change Facilitation
  • Involvement, Influence and Engagement
  • Psychological Support

Our Digital Backbone is an easy to use interactive wellbeing assessment tool that helps leaders understand where they should invest their efforts to build a positive and productive workplace.

Whether your goal is to raise awareness, build foundational skills, or extensively develop your employees or managers, we have a product and delivery approach to match.

We also offer a range of specialist services including:
  • +  Conflict management and mediation
  • +  Career transition
  • +  Employee coaching
  • +  Executive coaching
  • +  Wellness checks
  • +  Individual assessments
  • +  Team assessments
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