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Wellbeing tips for the holidays

As enjoyable as the holiday season can be, it can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming with events, family dynamics and increased expenses.

Everyone’s experience and resilience are different, but there are some common stressors.

Common stressors over the holiday season

Pressure to tie up work responsibilities.
Family relationships and tensions.
Spending time in busy shopping centres.
Mental and physical fatigue from more events and obligations.
Overspending and financial stress.
Feelings of loneliness, grief and sadness.


Wellbeing tips for the holidays

Taking care of yourself and managing your mental health is the key to making it through the holiday season. Here are some strategies that could help.

1 It’s OK to say no. Saying yes to too many things can leave you feeling resentful and overwhelmed. Say no to some things to free your time and energy for the events you know will bring you joy.
2 Make a budget. Before you start shopping for food, gifts and entertainment, be realistic about how much money you want to spend, and stick to the budget.
3 Moderation is the key. Overindulging can lead to sluggishness and guilt. It’s good to celebrate, so indulging occasionally is OK, but stick to healthy eating habits: eat plenty of vegetables and light salads, stay hydrated and limit your alcohol.
4 Set aside some ‘me time’. Carve out 15 minutes to spend alone in between activities and regain a sense of calm. Find time to do what makes you feel good, like exercise, hobbies, or just get a few minutes of fresh air to refocus and relax.
5 Set limits. Being with family can be wonderful, but it can be helpful to set limits for the amount of time spent together. Spend more time around people you feel most comfortable with.
6 Look after your physical health. Healthy habits will help you meet the demands of the season. Get sufficient, good quality sleep, regular exercise, and consider practising relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, or yoga.
7 Acknowledge your feelings. If a recent loss or distance keeps you apart from your loved ones, it can be hard to feel like celebrating. Don’t pressure yourself to be cheerful just because it’s the holiday.
8 Know when to reach out. Some things we can manage on our own, but there are some things we can’t. Knowing the difference is another important skill. If you do need someone to talk to, contact our professional mental health and wellbeing team, we’re here to help.


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