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Psychometric assessments, analysis and tailored strategic plans to achieve best practice workplace solutions.

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Minimise psychological harm and proactively support wellbeing in your organisation, because your people matter. Effective wellbeing programs have been proven to attract and retain talent, increase engagement and reduce absenteeism and workers compensation claims.

With a combined team from Assure and Communicorp, we have almost 30 years’ experience delivering wellbeing consulting services, so you know that you can trust us. Our knowledge of best practice, data-driven insights and your knowledge of your business ensure your investment will be worthwhile.

Wellbeing consulting model

Assure will assist you in identifying strengths and pain points within your organisation. We want to work with you to create a positive shift for your people and your business. We will collaborate with you, using a range of tools including exploratory workshops, strategy consultation and assessments.

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