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Critical incidents
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Our stepped care model helps you with early
intervention and ongoing support when things go wrong.

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Our stepped care model

Our three-phased model offers early intervention and support to staff and managers immediately following the event, and continues for up to 30 days post-incident.

In consultation with you, our response is guided by one of our senior triage clinicians. Available 24/7, 365 days a year, our services are delivered by our national rapid response team of experienced clinicians.

Phase one

Psychological first aid

Receive early psychological intervention and first aid immediately after a critical incident. Individuals identified as being at high risk of subsequent psychological injury, and currently presenting with an acute stress response, will continue to receive follow-up services from Assure.

Phase two

Skills for psychological recovery

Over the next 7 days, individuals are assessed and monitored for emerging trauma symptoms. Our focus is on normalisation of distress, risk assessment and providing practical coping strategies.

Phase three

Specialist intervention

Our trauma specialists engage with staff exhibiting high symptoms, continue to evaluate any ongoing stress responses, provide practical coping strategies, and monitor emerging trauma symptoms.

Be prepared for critical incidents

Proactively prepare your staff and managers to handle critical incidents with our evidence-based training.

We work to embed best-practice procedures and create effective psychological training for your leaders and staff.

We have been there for events such as

Bourke Street Mall, Lindt Café Siege, Queensland Floods, Victorian Bushfires, Christchurch Earthquake and more. We’ve been there for our customers when they needed us most.

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Do you or someone you know require support dealing with the recent traumatic events that unfolded in Bondi Junction?
To access support, call us on 1800 808 374 or request an appointment online or engage on chat via Wellbeing Gateway.
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