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Improve your change outcomes with effective preparation, implementation and ongoing support for managers and staff.

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Manage your organisation effectively through change

Change is a constant, and with it come complexities, both positive and negative. As organisations evolve they should seek ways to support their staff through best-practice planning and implementation. Assure is here to support you and your workforce in managing change effectively and efficiently.

Leader preparation

Develop your organisation with support for leaders and HR personnel. Our team of clinicians and learning and behaviour change specialists deliver coaching and training programs to you in preparation for organisational change announcements.

Our tailored group training programs and individual consultations cover the following areas:

  • Preparing for difficult conversations through role-playing and scenario-based training
  • Coping with emotional reactions
  • Discussing and planning for potentially sensitive cases
  • Maintaining professionalism and boundaries

Onsite support for staff and leaders

By providing onsite counselling on the day of the change announcement, this provides leaders, impacted staff and others the opportunity for confidential support. Get help managing emotional reactions and provide a sounding board for concerns and frustrations.

We offer a range of follow-up sessions in the days after the announcement, including:

  • Further individual counselling for impacted staff
  • Facilitated group discussions with leaders on what worked well and lessons learned for future change management
  • Reflective practice for managers in leading change
  • Additional support requirements for the coming weeks and months

Ongoing organisational engagement

Support your organisation through the final transition stages of change or restructure. This may include resilience workshops, support in forming new teams, leadership coaching and Manager Support Programs.

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