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Pre-COVID-19 in Australia, 70% of us worked remotely each week (to some extent) and 50% did so for at least half of the week. According to research, the benefits of working remotely are extensive.

Workers report that they are more productive due to the ability to concentrate on their work without any interruptions. Many report they miss less days of work and feel more in control and satisfied due to the flexibility in their work schedule.

As the trends of working remotely continue to rise, more remote workers may experience lack of connection and more misalignment with their teams. More often than not, working remotely means employees are feeling more socially and professionally isolated which can increase the feelings of disengagement towards work.

Tips to thriving in the world of remote work team

1 Set clear expectations
The lack of face-to-face interactions can make it challenging to read social cues. Without clear processes and expectations, working virtually may lead to increased misunderstanding and conflict in teams. Remote teams should openly discuss their expectations of one another and develop shared processes.
2 Develop shared goals and visit the goals together as a group
Identify and communicate mutual outcomes between you and those who work remotely such that everyone feels engaged to achieve the same outcomes in the best way possible.
3 Invest in connection
Reach out to a co-worker, ask about their interests or passion, share something a little more personal. Small actions and kind gestures like these can be the start of a productive working relationship.
4 Build trust
Focus on building a sense of psychological safety where everyone feels comfortable, valued for sharing their opinions, and safe to discuss their work and concerns without feeling judged.


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