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Supporting men’s mental health

Although everyone experiences mental health challenges, a number of factors including social norms, stigma, upbringing and role models, has resulted in men’s mental health issues being compounded more than females.

We need to remind men that mental health issues are common, they are not a sign of weakness, and that there are very effective ways to improve one’s health and wellbeing.

Reaching out for support is a sign of strength.

Why is it important to address men’s mental health?

Common mental health issues and risk factors for men:

  • Drug and alcohol use
  • Social isolation
  • Relationship issues (e.g. divorce/separation, family, parenting)
  • Financial stress
  • Work related pressures
  • Unemployment or retirement
  • Physical illness

Support for men

  • Choose strategies that target men specifically (i.e. not gender neutral) for better effectiveness
  • Change the environment – use a friendly space to discuss mental health
  • Engage an ambassador (e.g. sporting or media personality to share their story and normalise mental health issues)
  • Offer strategies for improving mental health which do not involve talking:
    • Good nutrition and physical activity
    • Using humour
    • Spending time with friends – surrounding yourself with positive people
    • Accepting negative feelings and realising that these will pass eventually – seeking professional support if these feeling persist or increase in severity
  • Setting and achieving goals

Compared to women, men are:

  • 3 x more likely to die by suicide
  • 2 x more likely to die due to drug use
  • 2 x more likely to die because of alcohol abuse related causes
Men are 50% less likely to access mental health services than females.
Globally, every minute, a man dies by suicide in Australia and 75% of suicides are men.

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