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Maximise change facilitation

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Why Maximise Change Facilitation

Organisations undergo change to survive, grow and evolve. Change can involve a major organisational makeover or smaller, incremental improvements.

Businesses that continuously change and improve can achieve and maintain a competitive edge.

Unfortunately, organisational change is rarely implemented well. Did you know that 70-80% of change initiatives fail to meet their objectives? Unsuccessful change leads to decreased productivity and morale, loss of valued customers, stress, confusion and fatigue. The human and financial costs associated with poor organisational change are substantial.

Organisational change often fails due to lack of knowledge, lack of leadership skill and practice, employee resistance against change and when organisational culture does not support change. Employee’s fear and anxiety about change is a major barrier to change success.

Research shows that when organisations focus on the ‘people side’ of change, positive outcomes can be reached. Employees are more likely to accept and support change when the uncertainty and stress associated with change is minimised and when their wellbeing is considered.

What can Assure Programs do to help?

Assure Programs offer a suite of onsite services to maximise change facilitation. Organisations gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to bring about effective change, whether change is large and sudden or slow and progressive. Our organisational development services address key areas that bring about positive change results such as leadership and communication, organisational culture, and employee wellbeing through the change process.

We deliver consulting services, on-site information and training sessions, and coaching for both workers and leaders. Assure’s highly experienced consultants can assist with all stages of the change process. Consultants use the principles of positive psychology, along with current research, to help businesses maximise change facilitation. Both off the shelf and customised products are available.

Some of our products that help to Maximise Change Facilitation

We offer these topics through one hour introductory sessions, half day skills deepening workshops and comprehensive full day training programs.   It doesn’t matter if your goal is to raise awareness, build foundational skills or extensively develop your employees and managers, we have a product and delivery approach to suit.

  • Change management
  • Maintaining resilience through change
  • Organisational engagement surveys