HOMEMaximise employee life balance & workload management

Maximise employee life balance and workload management

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Why maximise employee life balance and workload management?

Today’s business world is fast paced and workers can struggle to achieve a good balance between work and non-work commitments (i.e., work-life balance). Employee workloads are increasingly large and stressful and, with technology at our fingertips, finding true down time is difficult.

Research shows that approximately 60% of women and 50% of men, feel time pressured.  Approximately 1 in 4 women and 1 in 5 men working full-time are dissatisfied with their work-life balance1.

Work-life imbalance frequently leads to stress and psychological conditions like anxiety and depression. Workers who experience workplace stress take an extra 3.2 days off per year. Workplace stress costs Australian employers over $10 billion a year2.

Companies that support positive work-life balance and workload management have lower levels of staff burnout, less absenteeism and presenteeism, lower staff turnover, less skill loss and more satisfied, and productive employees and teams. Employees who have good balance between work and non-work commitments enjoy better physical and psychological health.

And, it’s not just working mothers and white-collar workers who face the challenge of balancing commitments. Blue collar workers, casual employees and the under-employed (i.e., workers who would like more hours) also experience health and wellbeing issues from work-life imbalance.

Work-life balance and workload management are serious workplace issues. Organisations that support positive work-life balance and workload management can outperform their competitors.

What can Assure Programs do to help?

Assure Programs offer a suite of onsite services to help organisations maximise employee workload management and work-life balance. Qualified and experienced consultants work with management and workers to establish a culture supportive of work life balance as well as business success. Our consultant’s design and implement strategies that allow the business and its employees to thrive.

Our suite of services includes consulting, on-site information and training sessions (ranging from brief awareness raising sessions to comprehensive training programs), and coaching for both workers and leaders. Our team of highly qualified and experienced consultants use the principles of positive psychology and good research to help businesses maximise employee work-life balance and workload management. Both off the shelf and customised products are available.

Some of our products that help to Maximise Employee Life Balance & Workload Management

We offer these topics through one hour introductory sessions, half day skills deepening workshops and comprehensive full day training programs.   It doesn’t matter if your goal is to raise awareness, build foundational skills or extensively develop your employees and managers, we have a product and delivery approach to suit.

  • Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Wellbeing Checks
  • Building Resilience programs
  • Wellbeing Coaching