HOMEMaximise physical and psychological safety

Maximise physical and psychological safety

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Why maximise physical and psychological safety?

Physical and psychological injuries and illnesses are costly to businesses. The direct dollar value lost in productivity is obvious, but the indirect consequences on the people and the business are also staggering. In Australia, the direct and indirect costs associated with workplace injury and illness stands at more than $60 billion, annually.

Ensuring that your most important asset, your people, are protected from physical risks, as well as psychological risks is, and should be a business imperative. Commitment to safeguarding employee’s physical and psychological safety from the dangers at work ensures more than just a smooth business operation, it’s critical to business success.

Focusing on maximising the physical and psychological safety of employees provides attractive return on investment for the business. It is predicted that $1 invested in injury prevention returns between $2 and $6 for the organisation.

The business case on return on investment is obvious. When people feel safe physically and psychologically, they can focus on the tasks at hand. They work more efficiently, make fewer mistakes, and are more engaged and productive. Conversely, when people feel their health and wellbeing are at risk, they are unhappy at work, and are less productive.

What can Assure Programs do to help?

Assure Programs can partner with you to improve the state of your workplace physical and psychological safety. Focussing on human performance through behavioural change, we utilise our expertise in psychology to enhance employee engagement in safety.

We can deliver consulting services, training and coaching in your workplace to front-line workers and leaders. Assessment of workgroup climate, safety and wellbeing climate is offered to create alignment in the organisation. Let Assure help you build an organisational culture that values people’s safety and challenges their thinking to go beyond compliance activities.

Some of our products that help to maximise physical and psychological safety

We offer these topics through one hour introductory sessions, half day skills deepening workshops and comprehensive full day training programs. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to raise awareness, build foundational skills or extensively develop your employees and managers, we have a product and delivery approach to suit.

  • Bullying and Harassment
  • Domestic Violence
  • Vicarious Trauma
  • Diversity