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Maximise psychological support

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Why maximise psychological support?

Mental health conditions are a major issue for Australian organisations. They have significant impact on business outcomes and profit. Mental illness is common within all industries and affect as many as 1 in 3 people in some sectors1.

Employees suffering from mental health disorders are likely to be absent from work, and/or present but not engaging fully at work, reducing the organisation’s productivity and increasing operating costs. In one study, 1 in 5 Australian workers had taken time off work during the past 12 months due to anxiety, depression, stress or feeling mentally unhealthy2.

Australian employers incur a debt of $10.9 billion each year from untreated mental health conditions. People experiencing depression may take up to 3-4 days off each month. This accumulates to 12 million days of productivity lost each year as a result of untreated employee depression3?

By maximising psychological support within the workplace, the impact of mental health disorders can be reduced. Preventative and proactive strategies that improve employee psychological wellbeing, prevent mental health disorders and that help workers overcome health issues are instrumental in keeping your workforce engaged, motivated, and productive.

Organisations that maximise psychological support are financially rewarded. Research shows that for every dollar spent on psychological health a positive return of $2.30 can be gained1. Implementing multiple strategies to improve mental health can increase this return on investment even further.

Why can Assure Programs do to help?

Assure Programs’ suite of on-site services targets areas of business functioning that contribute to psychological support, such as leadership, mental health in the workplace and organisational culture. Our approach concentrates on prevention, intervention, growth and empowerment. We help you build a workplace where people feel valued, appreciated and safe.

Our services include consulting, on-site information and training sessions (ranging from brief awareness raising sessions to comprehensive training programs), and coaching for both workers and leaders. Our team of highly qualified and experienced consultants use the principles of positive psychology and good research to help businesses maximise psychological support. Both off the shelf and customised products are available.

Some of our products that help to Maximise Psychological Support

We offer these topics through one hour introductory sessions, half day skills deepening workshops and comprehensive full day training programs.   It doesn’t matter if your goal is to raise awareness, build foundational skills or extensively develop your employees and managers, we have a product and delivery approach to suit.

  • Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Building Resilience
  • Team Assessment and Development
  • Managing Challenging Behaviours and Conversation