HOMEMaximise reward and recognition growth and development

Maximise reward and recognition growth and development

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Why maximise reward and recognition growth and development?

Being rewarded and recognised for a job well done is a source of employee motivation and engagement at work. Employee performance increases further when employees feel they are fairly rewarded and genuinely recognised for their efforts. The practice of reward and recognition puts businesses in front of the rest.

When employees are appropriately rewarded and recognised, they know that their work is valued. Engaged and motivated, these employees strive to perform at their personal best – this effort translates to an important business asset. Essentially, employees who are rewarded and recognised, stay, grow and thrive.

Research shows that a highly engaged workforce increases profitability by up to 22%. Unfortunately, only a quarter of Australian employees are highly engaged with their work. Paying close attention to the large percentage of employees who are poorly engaged, through effective reward and recognition programs, is the key to strategic business improvement.

Similarly, research shows that an extra dollar spent on training (per employee), increases productivity by approximately $47.00. Investing in the growth and development of employees and managers increases the chance of business survival in today’s turbulent economic environment.

Growth and development activities help a business run better. Successful growth and development programs attract and retain talent, and promote job satisfaction and employee wellbeing. Job skills training, executive and supervisor development, interpersonal skills training, and career planning and development are areas of training and development that, when addressed, can make a significant difference to an organisation’s bottom line.

Why can Assure Programs do to help?

Assure Programs’ suite of on-site programs assist organisations to maximise reward and recognition, and growth and development. Our experienced consultants work with managers to design and implement best practice reward and recognition programs and to identify and address training and development needs of their workforce.

Assure Programs’ suite of services includes consulting, on-site information and training sessions (ranging from brief awareness raising sessions to comprehensive training programs), and coaching for both workers and leaders. Our team of highly qualified and experienced consultants use the principles of positive psychology and good research to help businesses maximise reward and recognition, and growth and development. Both off the shelf and customised products are available.

Some of our products that help to maximise reward and recognition growth
and development

We offer these topics through one hour introductory sessions, half day skills deepening workshops and comprehensive full day training programs.   It doesn’t matter if your goal is to raise awareness, build foundational skills or extensively develop your employees and managers, we have a product and delivery approach to suit.

  • Effective communication
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Resilience
  • Providing constructive feedback