HOMEMetro Trains Melbourne and Assure

Metro Trains
and Assure

13 July 2023

Supporting their staff

Creating a supportive culture for their staff is vital for Metro Trains Melbourne.

Train drivers and workers in the transport industry can be exposed to traumatic events in their line of work on any given day.

They can also experience any of the stresses of a busy workplace and personal issues.

Which is why they partnered with Assure Programs to deliver an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

“The wellbeing of our team and our frontline staff is extremely important to Metro Trains” executive director network assets and assurance Paul said.

The EAP offers 24/7 support to all frontline staff, with dedicated support if they may have experienced a traumatic event at work or if they are having any challenges in life.

Assure provides a range of wellbeing support, counselling, coaching, leader support, response for significant events, which is provided through Wellbeing Gateway.

Positive impact of peer support

High voltage planner Kym opted to become one of the 150 peer supporters for Metro Trains.

As a peer supporter, one of his colleagues can approach him for mental support at work – just for a chat or to make use of the EAP.


“I’m passionate about it” Kym says.

He credits his lived experiences as a motivator for him to become a peer supporter for his colleagues.

“Being that and having that support and help, I just know I’m in a good headspace – I want to give back.”

“It’s very rewarding” he added.

Head of health and wellbeing for Metro Trains Jacquie shares the hugely positive impact the peer supporters have had.

“They are passionate about the work that they do” Jacquie said.

“There’s a 150-strong cohort and they do their job everyday, but they also find time to actually support our people – and it’s a fantastic achievement”

“And, as a family, it’s really a one Metro, one team approach” she added.