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COVID-19 Support Webinars

COVID-19: Managing emotionally
charged interactions

In our current challenging and constantly changing environment, it is natural for people to feel that their certainty and safety is being threatened.

When someone feels threatened, it is common for them to react emotionally – displaying anger, aggression, or distress, or engaging in personal attacks.

Whether you are experiencing this behaviour from your customers, at home or in your local supermarket, this 1 hour virtual learning session will provide you with an increased understanding of why emotionally-charged interactions occur and how to manage these effectively while maintaining your personal wellbeing.

Delivered by our sister company Communicorp.

Key concepts:

  • Acknowledge how challenging conversations can affect us
  • Increase awareness of what’s happening when we/others react emotionally, to promote empathy and encourage cooperation
  • Learn strategies for dealing with emotionally-charged interactions
  • Learn strategies to help reset and recover between interactions and at the end of the day
  • Know where to go to for additional support

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COVID-19: Managing my virtual team remotely

As COVID-19 continues to create unprecedented disruption to the workplace and the world, this 1 hour virtual learning session is designed to help support leaders meet this challenge with confidence, despite the unknown.

Practical leadership tools and strategies will be shared to help promote virtual connections in flexible ways, so leaders can be well placed to support their people during these volatile times.

Delivered by our sister company Communicorp.

Maintaining resilience during

To support the mental health resilience of individuals, teams, and organisations through the global pandemic of COVID-19, Assure Programs have designed this 1 hour virtual learning session.

The session aims to increase participant awareness of helpful behaviours and strategies they can engage in to minimise the negative impact of uncertainty and social distancing in their current environment.

Delivered by our sister company Communicorp.

Key concepts:

  • Our brain and stress response during times of uncertainty and COVID-19
  • Understand our biases, responses, decision making and behaviours
  • Explore the psychological impact of social distancing
  • Strategies to look after our mental health and managing signs of distress
  • Additional resources and where to get support

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COVID-19: Re-integration and transitioning back into the workplace

As COVID-19 restrictions start to ease, many organisations are preparing to re-integrate the remote workforce back to the workplace.

Faced with yet another change, it is natural for individuals to feel affected by disruptions to their newly acquired routines. These disruptions may be compounded by fear and anxiety about their physical safety and wellbeing.

Catering to people leaders, this 1 hour learning session will provide participants with a greater level of awareness on recognising the team’s psychological needs and strategies to smoothly transition the team back to the main place of business.

Equipped with practical tools, leaders can lead an engaged and thriving workforce well beyond the disruption of COVID-19.

Delivered by our sister company Communicorp.

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