Manager Support Program

Manager Support Program (MSP)


The Manager Support Program (MSP) provides leaders with an avenue to obtain timely support in managing personal and interpersonal work issues relating to employee performance, work relationships, and organisational change. This program is designed to complement existing internal human resources functions.



The MSP can benefit leaders in developing the strategies and confidence to tackle the more challenging people management situations, especially those involving emotional responses and wellbeing. The MSP provides a resource for leaders to call an independent and experienced professional to discuss ‘people’ situations, plan effective responses, and gain specific feedback and guidance on their approaches.


Common reasons leaders access the MSP include:

  • Identifying signs of stress and mental illness in their staff
  • How to encourage staff with high needs or ‘reluctance’ to attend the EAP or appropriate support (including formal Management Referrals and addressing common misconceptions)
  • Referral information for accessing other support options available through our Organisational Development Services team (e.g. mediation, coaching, training)
  • Supporting staff on sick leave or on a return-to-work plan
  • Strategies for providing effective feedback to staff and managing potentially difficult conversations
  • Managing performance issues or conflicts within the team
  • Implementing change and transition management
  • Building more effective teams
  • Optimising interpersonal relationships with your staff
  • Staying vitalised as a leader – stress management and self-care
  • Managing staff members identified as at risk of harm



To access the MSP please call our toll-free MSP number: 1800 505 015 to arrange a phone consultation.
The MSP is fully confidential and is funded as part of your organisation’s fully-implemented Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

The leader is guaranteed timely access to the MSP, with experience showing that one or two sessions (e.g. 15–30 minutes) are adequate for most situations. Our MSP program is predominantly provided by phone. Alternatively, face-to-face contact may be available where there is a complex need or situation.

Should this be the case, Assure Programs would discuss any associated costs with you. The MSP is designed to provide focused, timely guidance for leaders. If more specialised advice is required, a referral to our Organisational Development Services may be offered in which leadership coaching or tailored training programs could be discussed and explored as additional options to the leader.