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During major events it is normal and expected that some people will experience heightened anxiety around a wide range of issues. Our team is here to provide support and coaching for your people as we help them to navigate this period in the best possible way.

In addition, your people leaders may need enhanced support around managing teams remotely, helping individuals through this time, and managing sensitive workplace situations.


Our response to COVID-19

Managers and leaders

Assure Programs are 100% committed to continuing to support your organisation during this difficult time. This includes provision of a number of additional resources, and development of bespoke offering specific to challenges experienced by the current climate.

Return to workplace program

Creating a sustainable and successful return to office after COVID-19 will require you to undertake good planning and have a range of support available for your workforce. As part of this, you may face a number of challenges that will require you to act with care and sensitivity towards both your employees and people leaders.

We understand how important it is to get this next phase right. To help you successfully navigate your way through, we have developed a return to workplace program. As every workplace is different, the first step in our program is to have an experienced professional work with you to understand the barriers, identify potential risks, and provide you with tailored recommendations on how to best support your employees and people leaders.

Once you have agreed on a return to workplace program, our team will work with you to ensure a successful transition that demonstrates a high level of care and consideration for your people.

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Workplace initiated supported engagement

WISE is an evidence-based outreach service that assists organisations to provide proactive support to their employees during times of change, uncertainty and adjustment. Rather than waiting for issues to arise, or for your workforce to experience difficulty, the WISE Program enables us to reach out to your employees to check on their wellbeing and welfare and initiate support where needed. The WISE Program is a highly effective workforce risk mitigation strategy and is conducted by our highly skilled and experience clinicians via telephone or video. It is particularly focused on supporting the mental health of your workforce.

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Additional resources

We’ve curated additional COVID-19 resources from a range of reputable sources:

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